Direct Marketing

We're passionate about connections, relationships and people — real life. And isn't that what direct marketing is all about? Customer relationships? We love a good challenge, so call us — we'll make you look good, every time.

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Creative Solutions

You and your customers are unique, so don't let anyone try to make you fit their mold. Our right brainers, whether in the creative department, account planning, list brokerage, copy development, account services or data analytics, believe in crafting unique solutions — on the web or in the mail.

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Tomorrow's Technology

Instant results, instant gratification, connected all day, every day. That's the world today. Do you understand the power of your interactive and digital marketing strategy? Or the connection between your SEO, SEM, web development and design? We do. It's in our blood.

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the idea garden

International Fundraising Congress 2013!

A few weeks ago I attended the International Fundraising Congress (IFC) 2013 in the Netherlands, where for 32 years, fundraisers from all over the world have gathered to share best practices and debate donor behavior and new methods of donor engagement. As always, I returned home flush with new ideas and filled with passion for the work we do. … more from this post

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Press Releases

Nexus Direct Expands to Europe
Nexus Direct, one of the leading U.S. based direct marketing agencies, today announced the opening of a European division — headed by direct marketing veteran Jolan van Herwaar...

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